Trip to San Diego History Museum

Yesterday, we went to the San Diego History Museum. But we had lunch first. The restaurant was called Jack’s Rockin’ Ramen. It was a Japanese restaurant. I ate the sweet chicken. It tasted very nice. When we arrived at the museum, we saw many fossils, sucha as the whale, deer and mouse in ancient times. We also saw many books of plants and insects. Even thought the books were very old, they still looked like new! Finally,we saw the dinosaurs. They all shocked me. I loved dinosaurs when I was 5.The gianotosaurus was so big and so ferocious! And the spinosaurus was very cool,too. They all had very huge bodies and huge jaws. Everything in the museum was very nice. Only the weather was too hot for me! We spent three hours driving back. It was not a long time, better than Venice Beach. I loved the trip yesterday!


San Diego Natural History Museum

This Wednesday, we went to the San Diego Natural History Museum, but we had empty stomachs, so we headed to Jake’s Rockin’ Ramen before arriving at the museum. It’s a Japanese restaurant. I think this restaurant was the best of this summer program.

Finally, we arrived at the Natural History Museum, but the museum was smaller than I thought so we took a look around the museum and left earlier than our appointed time. We just ate ice cream and waited for other students. And actually I don’t remember much of what we saw in the museum, but I still remember one thing: a huge whale. I was overwhelmed by this whale and moved with admiration for it.

Anyway, we just waited for other students, and then we headed to dinner at Five Guys. I thought it was better than In N Out because they gave more patties and cheeses, so I was satisfied. Then we arrived back to school at 8:00, and as soon as I arrived, I slept like a corpse.



On the Boardwalk



This week we went to Venice Beach. I saw a lot of muscle men and skaters. I heard the sound of the ocean. I touched the sea. I think it was clean. I smelled something fishy when I stayed on the beach. I ate Chinese food yesterday.  I think the taste was good. In the skate park I saw many cool people.  They showed their skills.  The audience always screamed when they show themselves.  There were also children skateboarding.

Kitty Chen

Venice Beach

Week 4: Venice Beach

We went to the beach in Venice yesterday.  After getting off , we went to a Mexican restaurant first.  After lunch, we went to the beach.  The beach was very hot, but there were many shells on the beach.  After a while, we went to see people skateboarding, and their movements were fantastic.  A jump to a tree and a jump back into the park.  After that, we went shopping again.  Think about it.  I don’t have anything to buy, so I lie in the shade for a while.  After lying for an hour, I went to the outdoor gym.  It’s called Muscle Beach.  There are many muscle men.  I went back to the van.  On the way I also took some pictures for my grandmother, because I said I will bring her back photos.  The day was very good!

Harbor Chen

The San Diego Zoo

This week, we went to the San Diego Zoo.We drove two hours to get there. The first thing we saw was the map of the zoo. There were a lot of animals on the map, and different animals were from different parts of the world. We went to see the flamingo first. Their color was pink, and their feathers were shining under the sun. Most of them were standing on the sand and did not move, and two of them were fighting with each other; it looked really funny. There were also different kinds of ducks swimming in the water, but I forget what they’re called. I really liked the flamingo because it was pink, which is my favorite color. The place where the flamingo lived was really natural, and I would give it a full point.

The second animal we saw was a koala. They were really cute, and I touched their backs in the Austria Zoo. Each koala was sleeping on the tree and did not move. You could see some of their faces if you walked nearer. I learned that koalas spend most of their day sleeping. When a koala baby is born, they do not have fur and are helpless. Later on, koalas’ fur gets grey and looks really fluffy. You wanted to touch them when you looked at them. The place where the koala lived was really natural, too, and I would give it a full point.

We kept walking in the zoo and saw a lot of animals. We saw someone was taking care of the elephant and checked everything was okay on it. The elephant was really smart and did what the person told him, so he got a lot of food. We also watched a 4D movie about birds. It was about how there were a blue bird who lived in a forest. All of his friends got caught, and he grew bigger. There were two blue birds, and they got caught again. The short movie was about how they escaped. It was really fun.

We ate Korean food for dinner and it was delicious. The San Diego trip went great. We learned a lot of things about different animals.

Lin Ding

Trip to the San Diego Zoo!

This Wednesday, we went to the San Diego Zoo. It was a long trip; it took about two hours to get there by van. Although I had never heard about the zoo before, I was really looking forward to it because San Diego is one of the most popular cities which is enthusiastically supported by many Japanese people. When I finally arrived at the zoo, the first impression I got was it is very similar to the cit of Los Angeles. For me, both cities were kind of cities for young people. Although our teachers gave us about five hours to walk around the zoo, it was not enough for me since the whole are of the zoo was gigantic and there were innumerable kinds of animals. Before going, I thought the exhibited animals were almost the same as at the Japanese zoo, but, actually, we could see a lot of rare animals in the zoo, which was the most surprising part of this trip.

One of the rare animals I saw was a California condor. As you can notice from the name of the animal, you can see them only in California. There are also similar types of birds in my country, Japan, but I was surprised at how big they are and by the very pretty pink color of their face. Furthermore, I was amazed by their dynamic flying with their big wings. Another rare animal I saw was Dwarf Mongoose. This animal was very tiny, so it was very difficult to see, but it was so cute when I could see its body and face. According to the information board, they usually live only in Sub Saharan Africa. After I saw this animal, I felt like visiting Africa to see these kinds of rare animals.

Afterwards, I had a light lunch with friends, and then we went to get henna tattoos on our bodies. Henna tattoos are also very popular in Japan, but I have never gotten one before, so I was very excited to get it. Although it was a little bit expensive, I was very glad to get it.

After we had a precious time at the zoo, we went to the Korean restaurant in Temecula which is the closest city to our campus. I was very happy to go there, as Korean food is one of my favorite foods. I had a Bibimbap which is my favorite Korean dishes. I felt like it was the most delicious Bibimbap I have ever eaten because I hadn’t eaten Korean food since I came here. This is all that we did on this trip. This trip was more fun than I had expected because I made great discoveries in the zoo!!


Norton Simon Museum

On Wednesday our teachers took us to the Norton Simon Museum. We were driving a long time, then we arrived in Pasadena.  I saw many stores, the Gold Bug, an art materials shop, and I bought a feather pen for my Chinese best friend’s birthday.  At noon we went to the Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot.  It was very delicious.  This was my first time eating hot pot in America.  The hot pot made me feel happiness!  In the afternoon we finally went to the North Simon Museum.  When we got off the vans, there was a road leading to the museum building.  I saw a Buddha statue in the center of the lobby.  First we went left, and I saw many of Van Gogh’s paintings, like “Portrait of a Peasant”, “Portrait of the Artist’s Mother ” and ‘The Mulberry Tree.” My favorite one is “Portrait of a Peasant.”  The bright colors and alive lines look illegible but have many details.  I think it’s very amazing!  It made me want to see it again and again.  Continuing on I saw the Monet panting “The Artist’s Garden at Vetheuil.”  It made me feel warm and peaceful.  I also saw the sculpture “The Little Dancer” by Edger Degas.  Compared to the sculpture, I liked the paintings more.  They were very pretty and made me feel the space in the painting.  In the end, I bought two books from the museum.

We drove a long time back to Idyllwild.  We saw a colorful cloud in the sky that was amazing!

Di Bunny Bo


Great Works of Art

0721_38 (1)

This week we went to the Norton Simon Museum. We started our travels at 7:30 am. The car’s driver met me before, so we talked with each other very happily. We crossed mountains, deserts and towns. After that we arrived in Pasadena. First, we visited Pasadena shops. The Apple electronics shop made me feel very excited. I saw the strongest Apple workstation in the shop. It has a two E7. It is very powerful. Before this, I just saw it on the Internet. Then we ate lunch in Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot. We ate very happily in it. The food was very delicious. In the afternoon, we visited the Norton Simon Museum. Before visiting I thought it would be very boring because the Norton Simon Museum always shows portraits, and I don’t like portraits. Actually, when I went in it, I was attracted by it. It has a lot of landscape paintings. First is a painting about many flowers planted before the house. Its color and perspective attracted me. When these two things get together, this painting looked very nice. Another painting was about a forest after storm’s landscape. A huge forest, the sky is full of dark clouds, but in the middle appears a hole and lights the forest. This picture’s composition let me feel very comfortable. I thought I can use this composition in my video. My favorite picture is about a huge building inside. I like it because it has beautiful composition and perspective.

After that, we went back to the school. I thought it was a nice day.

Dingwen David Liu

Travel in Idyllwild

This Wednesday was a perfect day. We went to the Idyllwild Nature Center and town. First, we went to the Idyllwild Nature Center. We saw a lot of trees in the park, and then we walked and found each number, saw the trees or rock and more stuff , and answered the question. On the walk, we touched the trees, pine cones, and rocks, and we smelled vanilla trees. Second , we sat in the van and went to the Pizza Company. We tasted the pizza; it was delicious . Next, we talked a little about the game to find some buildings in the town. This game was very fun. Finally, we went back to the coffee shop and checked in and went to the supermarket to buy some food and came back school. That was a good and perfect day. I liked it .

Yunchao Kevin Mo

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